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A very vital and unique installation in Supreme Sizing and Weaving Mills was in 1996, The 5 point DC driven high speed multi cylinder sizing machine-AMBICA TEXMECH. The second huge leap of expansion was installed in 2005 with 2 point DC driven high speed multi cylinder sizing machine- HI-TECH. The above 2 machines are mechanized with 2 size box along with moisture, temperature controls, after-waxing andall other modern attachments with a winding of upto 1250 mm diameter, 130inches length beam holding capacity, back creel of 24 beam adoption.

In our process the strength — abrasion resistance — of the yarn will improve and the hairiness of yarn will decrease. The degree of improvement of strength depends on adhesion force between fiber and size, size penetration as well as encapsulation of yarn. Different types of water soluble polymers called textile sizing agents/chemicals such as modified starch, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), acrylates are used to protect the yarn. Also wax is added to reduce the abrasiveness of the warp yarns. The type of yarn material , the thickness of the yarn, type of weaving machinery will determine the sizing recipe. The sizing liquor is applied on warp yarn with a warp sizing machine. After the weaving process the fabric is desized (washed).


On huge market requirements and needs, our company decided to produce Grey fabrics from 2008. In the Name of “SUNVIN POLYMERS" (SVP) (Fabric division of SSWM), We (SVP) procured 'A' Grade high class quality yarn from reputed Spinning Mills, undertaking the Warping and Sizing in our place and ship the sized warp beams to our own autolooms and also to well experienced, High quality oriented auto loom weaving units with our follow up guidance for fabricating. After Fabricating we retrieve the fabric back to our place for Quality inspection, up gradation, packaging and dispatch.


We have engaged around 100 looms for contract weaving where in we have Air Jet, Rapier, Sulzer and Ruti C to produce different qualities of fabrics according to our customers specifications From these facilities, we produce around 15000 meters of fabrics per day.


Supreme Sizing and Weaving Mills sources Cotton,Poly Cotton,Polyester,Linen and Viscose yarns in various counts ranging from 4's to 100's, from reputed spinning mills in South Tamil Nadu.The procured yarn is tested for various quality parameters like Count, CSP, Twist, Evenness. And once found satisfactory the yarn moves to the production process.